Friday, 1 May 2015

What Tablet Screen Size is right for me?

If you are currently looking for a tablet, but unsure as to what screen size to go for, then the below information will be of some assistance.

Screen size has always been important, since the first handheld device was released on the market. The most important aspect to keep in mind when deciding on a screen size, is what the main usage of the device will be. It is also important to determine who will be using the tablet as smaller tablet sizes are ideal for kids.

If the device is required for mix use (e.g. Business and Pleasure) and will need to be carried around quite a lot, it is preferable to go for 7 inch tablet as this will comfortably fit into a satchel or handbag. It will also not be too heavy, which overall will make it comfortable to use.

From a gaming perspective, I feel that a 7 inch tablet is also more ideal as the lighter, smaller device is easier to handle during lengthy game play periods.

If the device is for a small child (younger than 10 years), it is advisable to go for  a 7 inch tablet.

If you like to read magazines or watch movies on your tablet, I would propose that you go for a 10.1 inch tablet rather, as the bigger screen will enhance both experiences.
Bigger  tablets are also advisable if you are going to use an editor on it.
Things to keep in mind about the bigger tablets are the following:

  • They are heavier.
  • The are more difficult to carry around as they don't fit into traditional bags (handbags etc.)
  • They are better for watching movies and reading bigger documents including magazines.
  • They are also better to use if you  are going to use an editor or a spreadsheet tool.

There are many tablet sizes between 7 inch and 10.1 inch, which can make it sometimes make it easier to decide.

The golden rule to stick is to always base your decision on size on the purpose of the device in your life!

Top Chinese Tablets 2015

The latest edition of the popular blog The Best Chinese Tablets, is now out. This month the focus is on affordable Chinese tablets with a big emphasis on the iRulu tablets.

The top five android tablets discussed on the December edition of the magazine were the following  tablets:
iRulu 7 inch Android Tablet PC, 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, Dual Core, Allwinner A23 CPU, Dual Cameras, 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen, 16GB Storage -Yellow

iRulu Y1 Kids Dual Core Google Android Tablet PC (High Quality SAFE feature for kids), Parent Control, Food Grade Silicone (bite worry free), Shockproof, Durable, 8GB Storage, Dual Cameras, Give Children the Best gift in this Christmas!! (Green with Blue corner)

Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ 10-Inch Tablet (59411051)
PIPO MAX M8 Pro Q940 Tablet PC RK3188 QUAD CORE 1.8GHz 9.4 Inch IPS Touch Screen Android 4.2 WiFi HDMI Dual Camera 2GB RAM 16GB

Dragon Touch A1 10.1" Dual Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, Allwinner A23 Cortex A7 CPU up to 1.2Ghz, 8GB Nand Flash, Multi-Touch Screen, Dual Camera, Google Play Pre-installed, Netflix, Skype, 3D Game Supported [by TabletExpress]

If you are interested you can also read further about these and other tablets, on The Best Chinese Android Tablets.

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